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Begining to World War II
After Second World War
Special or Particular aircraft
Passenger Plane and Utility
Light and Ultra Light aircraft
Helicopter and Autogyro

Other-roles at World War I

reconnaissance bomber aircraft,
SPAD [France]
Airco DH.9
bomber aircraft,
Airco [UK]
Airco DH.9A
bomber, general purpose,
Airco [UK]
Vickers Vimy
heavy bomber,
Vickers Limited [UK]
Voisin LAS(V)
light bomber,
Voisin [France]
Breguet 14
bomber, reconnaissance aircraft
Breguet [France]
Caudron G.3
reconnaissance aircraft, trainer,
Caudron [Frane]
Caudron G.4
bomber, night bomber, reconnaissance,
Caudron [Frane]
Farman MF.7
reconnaissance aicraft,
Farman Aviation Works [France]
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2
reconnaissance, light bomber, night fighter,
Royal Aircraft Factory [UK]
Avro 504
trainer, fighter, bomber aircraft,
Avro [UK]
Salmson 2
reconnaissance aircraft,
Salmson [France]
Curtiss JN-4 Jenny
training aircraft,
Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Co [USA]
Curtiss Model N
training aircraft,
Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Co [USA]
Thomas-Morse S-4/S-5 Scout
advanced trainer,
Thomas-Morse Aircraft [USA]
Nieuport 12/81
training airplane,
Nieuport [France]
Halberstadt CL.IV
ground attack aircraft,
Halberstädter Flugzeugwerke [Germany]
Ansaldo SVA
reconnaissance aircraft,
Gio. Ansaldo & C. [Italy]