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Begining to World War II
After Second World War
Special or Particular aircraft
Passenger Plane and Utility
Light and Ultra Light aircraft
Helicopter and Autogyro

Flying boat, Amphibians

Supermarine Seagull 1921
reconnaissance flying boat,
Supermarine [UK]
Supermarine Southampton
military reconnaissance flying boat,
Supermarine [UK]
Short Sunderland
military bomber flying boat,
Short Brothers [UK]
Consolidated PBY Catalina
patrol search-and-rescue flying boat,
Consolidated Aircraft [UK}
Sikorsky S-43/JRS-1
airliner flying boat, utility,
Sikorsky Aircraft [USA]
Martin PBM Mariner
patrol bomber flying boat,
Glenn L. Martin Company [USA]
Grumman G-21 Goose
transport amphibious aircraft,
Grumman [USA]
Grumman G-44/J4F Widgeon
amphibious transport, patrol utility,
Grumman [USA]
Grumman HU-16 Albatross
air-sea rescue flying boat,
Grumman [USA]
Canadair CL-215
firefighting amphibious aircraft
Canadair [Canada]
ShinMaywa UF-XS
experimental research flying boat,
ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. [apan]
ShinMaywa US-1/US-2
air-sea rescue amphibious aircraft,
ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. [apan]
Beriev Be-200 Altair
multirole amphibian,
Irkut [Russia]