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Begining to World War II
After Second World War
Special or Particular aircraft
Passenger Plane and Utility
Light and Ultra Light aircraft
Helicopter and Autogyro

Experimental; Plopeller drive

Douglas World Cruiser(DWC)
attempt first flight around the world,
Douglas Aircraft Company [USA]
Ryan NYP Spirit of St. Louis
first transatlantic flight from N. Y. to Paris,
Ryan Airlines [USA]
Pentecost Hoppi-Copter
backpack helicopter,
Horace T. Pentecost/Hoppi-Copters [USA]
Nippi X1G1(Saab 91B Safir)
experimental full span flap high lift aircraft,
Nihon Hikoki [Japan]
Northrop N-1M Flying Wing
flying wing experimental aircraft,
Northrop Corporation [USA]
Northrop N-9M Flying Wing
flying wing experimental aircraft,
Northrop Corporation [USA]
Hiller 1031-A-1
contra-rotating ducted fans direct-lift platform,
Hiller Aircraft [USA]
Hiller ROE Rotorcycle
single seat ultralight test helicopter,
Hiller Aircraft [USA]
Hiller YH-32/XHOE-1 Hornet
experimental helicopter,
Hiller Aircraft Corporation [USA]
Columbia XJL
prototype amphibious aircraft,
Columbia Aircraft Corporation [USA]
Bell XV-15
experimental tiltrotor VTOL aircraft,
Bell Helicopter Textron [USA]
MacCready Gossamer Condor
experimental human-powered aircraft,
AeroVironment [USA]
MacCready Gossamer Albatross
experimental human-powered aircraft,
AeroVironment [USA]
Active Gals HYPER-Chick KoToNo
experimental human-powered aircraft,
Active Gals [Japan]
AeroVironment Pathfinder
solar-cell system remote controlled UAV,
NASA/AeroVironment [USA]
Rutan Voyager
fly around the world without stopping,
Rutan Aircraft Factory [USA]
DSI/NASA Oblique Wing RPV
wing rotate center pivot aircraft,
Deep Space Industries/NASA [USA]
Starr Bumble Bee II
world's smallest piloted airplane,
Robert H. Starr/Homebuilt [USA]
Sikorsky X2 Demonstractor
experimental compound helicopter,
Sikorsky Aircraft/Schweizer Aircraft [USA]