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Begining to World War II
After Second World War
Special or Particular aircraft
Passenger Plane and Utility
Light and Ultra Light aircraft
Helicopter and Autogyro

Passenger Plane; Turboprop

Beechcraft 1900
19 passengers regional airliner, cargo,
Beech Aircraft Corporation [USA]
Antonov An-140
52 passengers regional airliner,
Antonov [Ukraine]
Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner
19 passengers regional airliner,
Fairchild [USA]
Let L-410 Turbolet
19 passengers airliner, transport,
Let Kunovice [Czech]
Fokker F27 Friendship
48-56 passengers airliner,
Fokker [Netherlands]
Vickers Viscount
75 passengers medium-range airliner,
Vickers-Armstrongs [UK]
Dornier Do 228
19 passengers airliner, STOL utility,
Dornier GmbH [Germany]
Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia
30 passengers commuter airliner,
Embraer [Brazil]
Saab 340
34 passengers regional airliner,
Saab [Sweden]
Saab 2000
50-58 passengers turboprop airliner,
Saab [Sweden]
ATR 72
64-72 passengers short-haul airliner,
ATR [France/Italy]
64 passengers airliner, utility aircraft,
Nihon Aircraft Manufacturing Corp. [Japan]
Bombardier Dash 8
medium-range turboprop airliner,
de Havilland Canada [Canada]