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Begining - World War II
After Second World War
Special or Particular aircraft
Passenger Plane and Utility
Light and Ultra Light aircraft
Helicopter and Autogyro

Utility,Single engine,Monoplane

Curtiss Robin
touring mail passenger transport,
Curtiss-Robertson Airplane Co. [USA]
Ryan M-1
mail passenger plane,
Ryan [USA]
Lockheed Vega
passenger transport plane,
Lockheed Aircraft Limited [USA]
Lockheed Model 8 Sirius
utility transport liaison aircraft,
Lockheed Aircraft Limited [USA]
Fairchild FC-2
civil utility photography survey aircraft,
Fairchild [USA]
Fairchild 24
light transport STOL bush plane,
Fairchild [USA]
Northrop Gamma Polar Star
cargo mail flying laboratory,
Northrop Corporation [USA]
Caudron Simoun
touring mail plane,
Caudron [France]
Spartan Executive
personal luxury transport,
Spartan Aircraft Company [USA]
Howard DGA-15
transport air ambulance training,
Howard Aircraft Corporation [USA]
Cessna 190/195
light transport personal business,
Cessna Aircraft Company [USA]
de Havilland Canada DHC-2/C-2 Beaver
STOL utility transport,
de Havilland Canada [Canada]
de Havilland Canada DHC-3/NU-1 Otter
STOL utility transport,
de Havilland Canada [Canada]
Snow S-2
agricultural aircraft,
Ayres Corporation/Thrush Aircraft [USA]
Cessna 208 Caravan
short-haul regional airliner. utility,
Cessna [USA]
GippsAero GA8 Airvan
utility transport aircraft,
GippsAero [Australia]
Myasishchev M-101T Gzhel
passenger cargo business aircraft,
Myasishchev [Russia]
Extra EA-400
utility aircraft,
Extra Flugzeugbau GmbH [Germany]
transport civil utility light business,
Pilatus PC-6
STOL passenger utility aircraft ,
Pilatus Aircraft [Switzerland]
Pilatus PC-12
passenger cargo aircraft,
Pilatus Aircraft [Switzerland]