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Begining to World War II
After Second World War
Special or Particular aircraft
Passenger Plane and Utility
Light and Ultra Light aircraft
Helicopter and Autogyro

Moter Glider/Powered sailplane

Nelson Dragonfly
motor glider,
Hawley Bowlus [USA]
Mitchell Wing B-10
ultralight motor glider,
US Pacific [USA]
Mitchell U-2 Superwing
ultralight aircraft,
Mitchell U-2 Superwing [USA]
Slingsby T.61 Falke
basic traineing motor glider,
Slingsby Sailplanes [UK]
Grob G 109
motor glider,
Grob Aircraft [Germany]
Nihon University N-70 Cygnus
single-seat powered sailplane,
Nihon University [Japan]
Bob Carlton Super Salto
jet-powered aerobatic glider,
Bob Carlton [USA]
Diamond HK36 Super Dimona
motor glider,
Diamond Aircraft Industries [Austria]
Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus XLT
motor glider,
Schempp-Hirth [Germny]